Healthy Habits Turn Into Results

Healthy Habits Turn Into Results


When Covid started last year, I decided that I wanted to work on myself. I was scrolling through Facebook one day, saw the ad for the Stealth and decided why not give it a shot. I bought the Stealth online and 2 days later it was at my front door.

I started the journey to better myself in April 2020. I started slow at first, then I would get impatient and try to go for streaks. My longest streak was 9 days. I wanted results to come fast and I got discouraged easily. I would put the Stealth down for days at a time, then come back to only work out with the Stealth for a day or so. I did this for about a month.

Then I started forcing myself to use the Stealth every other day. In July 2020 my metabolism kicked back up and I started noticing changes in my body. I kept the every other day routine going and doing several 1 minute or so sessions in a row per day. Changes were slowly happening and my desire to use the Stealth increased. 

I got excited and changed my diet from eating fast food all the time to eating healthy at home and as healthy as I could at work. Also, I made sure to pound the water down, about a gallon a day, sometimes more. I even cut back on my alcohol intake and started stretching my abs after workouts.

As the end of 2020 neared, I was incorporating the Stealth with my regular workout routine. I was getting results and noticing changes more and more every day. By the beginning of February 2021, I had cut out alcohol all together and was using the Stealth every day.                                                   

On Tuesday, February 9th, 2021, during the last portion of my workout, which consists of using the Stealth and other ab work, I heard a pop and felt pressure in my belly button region. After almost a year my dedication paid off and my lower set of abs separated and NOW, I have the outline of an 8 pack. 

It has been a long tough journey thus far. However, after almost a year I have achieved something I have been trying to accomplish for many years before I started using the Stealth. I have made life changes and will continue to use the Stealth in all my workouts. 

-Christopher Ledoux

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