How to Keep Your Gut Healthy in the Summertime

How to Keep Your Gut Healthy in the Summertime

You are what you eat. Whatever food you put into your body will inevitably end up as resources for the body to repair itself, as well as maintain your regular functions. And this process starts in your gut. The efficiency of this process depends on your natural gut flora – the healthy bacteria that resides in your

gut and breaks down anything that you consume. This is why the state of your gut health can affect your mood, your weight, the ability to heal itself, and even your mental health.

Summer is a particularly good time for gut health, as it is when many vitamin and mineral-rich fruits are in season. Most of these are good for your gut, especially the ones that are rich in fiber. Probiotic food may also help by replenishing the amount of good bacteria in your digestive system. Stealth Body Fitness provides a list of gut-friendly food that should be in your summer diet including papaya.

Papaya is not only rich in fiber, it also contains an enzyme with a mild laxative effect for easier waste elimination. Meanwhile, pineapples are a good source of the enzyme bromelain, which is known for aiding in the digestion of proteins. If you’re concerned with keeping the gut flora in your stomach healthy and plentiful, try probiotic food like kimchi.

NDTV recommends an unexpected way to promote gut health – spending time in the sun. Sunlight is great source of vitamin D, which helps the natural bacteria in your body move your natural processes along. You can also get vitamin D from mushrooms and fish, as well as dairy products.

Speaking of sun, some people go on a crash diet or are even tempted to try diet pills whenever summer comes up. But, as it turns out, the tyranny of wellness always claims the gut as its first victim. 

Cosmopolitan claims that the diet pill phentermine remains popular despite controversy in the 90s where thousands of people suffered severe side effects. While only approved to stay on the market for short-term prescriptions for diabetes patients, long term use of this particularly dodgy appetite suppressant causes havoc to your microbiome, inflames the stomach, and compromises the immune system which may lead to chronic illnesses. Today, one in four Americans use diet supplementary pills, most of which poses a danger to your gut microbiota. Maryville University reports that an estimated 164 million Americans will be affected by chronic illnesses by the year 2025 – that’s nearly half the population. With recent studies confirming how gut microbiome aids in increasing drug efficiency, keeping it healthy is a better investment than an ultra slim body.

This is why simple steps like taking care of your gut health this summer are so important. In the long run it could save you a lot of trouble and hospital visits. So always try to eat light, keep yourself hydrated, and bathe in the sun for a healthy gut in the summer and beyond. 

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