Ignite Your Spark and Find Your Joy Again

Ignite Your Spark and Find Your Joy Again

In July of 2020 I was sitting on my couch, I was feeling a bit depressed and lethargic. I had been laid off from a job I loved in March; I, like the rest of the nation, was suffering thru a pandemic and just could not find any joy in most things.

I felt it was time to make a change and started looking into what sort of things I could do to get my life back. As I watched TV, I saw an ad for the Stealth Core Trainer and was intrigued. At first, I balked at the cost of the unit, but I decided that I would take a chance and ordered my Stealth.

When it first arrived, I struggled to plank for more than a few seconds at a time, my weight had ballooned up to 260lbs and I was severally out of shape. But I stuck with it and now I do 5 minutes each day.

I made changes to my diet by watching my portions and trying to not eat just to be eating something. I call that bored eating! I found that I had more energy and was able to start using my elliptical a little more every day.

The combination of those above things has led to my physical change, which in turn has changed my mentality as well. I no longer feel lethargic and down all the time. 

Because of all of this I have gotten down to 210 lbs and even though I have yet to achieve my goal weight I am very happen with my progress!

I attribute my first steps on this path to the decision to order my Stealth. I can’t thank the Stealth Nation enough!!! 

-Blair Bates

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