Life Is Good with Stealth

Life Is Good with Stealth

I purchased my Stealth in June 2020.  During this COVID crisis and with an injured foot, my activity level plummeted.  I was worried at first how this could possibly help but ordered it anyway.  When my Stealth arrived, and I tried the free Galaxy game I was surprised at the challenge!  I was no stranger to planking...but this was a challenge!  I am not a gamer, but the games helped to distract from the time.  The games are fun, and I was later inspired to treat myself to purchase the premium games so now I have a more choices.  I started with 1-2 minutes at a time, a couple times a day.  I am now up to 10-12 min a few times a day. The good thing is you can do as little or as much at a time as you want.  

My motivation is by the end of the first week, I was feeling my core muscles at work!  I enjoy doing the challenges because that keeps me accountable and I try to improve on my time and scores.  After a couple months, my eating habits were getting healthier and I started a weight loss program.  Within the last two months, my weight is down 14.9 pounds, my clothes are fitting so much better my posture has also improved.  When on vacation in July, my sister ordered hers and she has doing the challenges too!  

I find the Stealth Nation Facebook family an inspiration and enjoy everyone’s posts and encouragement to each other.  I highly recommend this Stealth board to anyone.  My goal for my 60th birthday was to get back to my goal weight and keep active.  I have 5 pounds to go.  I’m back to walking, free weights and my Stealth almost every day.  

Life is good...Stealth on!

-Lynn Schrimmel

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