Making Your Health and Yourself a Priority with Stealth!

Making Your Health and Yourself a Priority with Stealth!

It has been nearly 2 years that I have held true to myself to get in better shape. My diet is rather healthy by nature, but my body certainly needed attention after 5 children and years of not making myself a priority. My "exercise program", if you can call it that, was merely make it up as I go. And it actually worked! (To some extent). I lost 30 pounds and felt pretty good. 

What I really wanted were abs that would make me proud of my body. I received my Stealth on 7/20/20. My first attempt was only 1 minute, and 18 seconds and I was immediately energized by the core strength that I felt. Yes, after my first try! The games have kept me so engaged that I no longer dread the thought of doing planks. I look forward to it every day! I actually hit my 100-day streak and counting this week. I can't imagine a day not spent using Stealth.

I love that it is only as time consuming as I choose. So, even on my most busy days, I can always spare at least 5-10 minutes for a workout. I try to join at least 2 challenges at a time for the extra encouragement and to push myself. With these challenges, I have bettered my times as well as my strength in games which I previously hadn't performed well. I recently started to incorporate more of the non-game exercises with Stealth and have enjoyed the increased level of difficulty.

The support during this journey has been amazing! Stealth Nation truly has the greatest group of people. The support is never ending, and the encouragement is a constant reminder that we are all in this together. All different ages, all different levels, but all have the same goal-a better lifestyle. Stealth has been my best self-investment.... I am 50 years old and in the best shape of my life!

-Dawn Knecht Fioretti



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