Noticeable Gains in 0-60 Days!

Noticeable Gains in 0-60 Days!

What interested me in Stealth Core Trainer was the advertisement that came across my Facebook feed and I thought, “Why not?” I joined the community group and was convinced to take a chance on purchasing the equipment. I needed something different and wanted to start pushing myself physically again.

Day 1 was not what I expected at all! I was only able to hold myself up on my knees for 2:08 without being tired. My arms and shoulders were screaming at me, and my stomach wasn’t happy at all that I was putting it through anything physical. 

60 days in I’m completely on my toes and average 3-4 minutes without getting tired. My arms, shoulders, back and stomach are more toned, and clothing is fitting more comfortably. I look forward to getting my three minutes a day in and it’s actually fun!

I had no idea I would gain a wonderful community of fellow Stealthers, and overall improvement of my physical and inner peace.

Stealth is the way to go and I look forward to many more days of challenging myself.

Thank you, Stealth Core Trainer!

-Elizabeth Saterfield

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