Put Your Core Strength to the Test at These Eight Spin Studios in Los Angeles

Put Your Core Strength to the Test at These Eight Spin Studios in Los Angeles

Cycling is great for cardiovascular training and building leg strength but without a stable core, you won’t be able to ride efficiently. 

Although your legs provide the most of the power while you ride, the core muscles—the abdominals and lower back—are the foundation from which all movement, including the pedal stroke, stems. The core keeps the body stable on the saddle and improves efficiency by preventing excessive side-to-side movement. If you have weak core muscles,  your body will overcompensate with other muscles making your rides less efficient. 

Improving your core strength will ultimately improve your riding, so if your workout routine includes spin classes make sure it includes core training as well. Here are 8 great studios in Los Angeles where you can put your core strength to the test while spinning.

Cycle House

Every ride at the House is a full-body, fat-burning workout that incorporates interval training designed to produce real results, real quick. When the lights dim low and the beats start bumping, you can’t help but turn up the resistance. With each climb, sprint and jump, you become stronger both mentally and physically. Just when you think you can’t keep going, you look up to see a room of riders who are still fighting and all of a sudden, you realize nothing can hold you back.

Aura Cycle

At AuraCycle, instructors push students to develop their cardiovascular stamina while sculpting their frames through a series of high-intensity classes. Aura instructors motivate their students throughout each session, challenging them to push through training plateaus and achieve new peaks in endurance. 

Ryde 4

RYDE is located on the roof deck (3rd Floor) of the Burn Fitness gym. Your RYDE will be exciting, intense, challenging, informative, rewarding and all about making you a better you. Riders will be given a complimentary HR monitor for their RYDE. The HR monitors allow you to see exactly which 4 Heart Rate Exercise Zones you're in, from warming up and cooling down, aerobic to anaerobic, reaching your VO2Max. Your coach will take you up and down through these zones pushing your limits, teaching you about your cardiovascular system and how to use that system with maximum effort and controlled recovery.

Ratio Cycling

Ratio Cycling is a space where the individual can join others in their quest for harmony and peak health. They achieve this through offering cardiovascular training and immersive cycling experience through the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology. Through power training targeting cardiovascular improvement and physical strength, they take their clients on a journey toward reaching their untapped potential for athleticism.

Made in LA

Made In LA is a boutique premiere chiropractic and fitness studio that offers a unique gym environment, and experience. Founded by veteran dance and fitness guru, Andrea Lawent, Made In LA opened its doors in January of 2008. Andrea was one of the original pioneers in the world of Indoor cycling. Made in LA features several a full and rounded schedule of indoor cycling classes and hip hop dance classes.

The Wall

The studio’s signature LIFT x RIDE class combines 30 minutes of high-intensity interval training and 30 minutes of indoor cycling. Each class has its own focus and intention, expertly led by their team of high-quality instructors, each of them dedicated to maximizing your experience. Mindful awareness is the backbone to their curriculum as we believe in improving both mind and body.

Sweat Cycle

In the studio’s signature SweatCycle® class the room is warmed to 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit using infrared heating technology, which not only takes your ride to the next level but provides a deeper level of detox benefits.  Arrive well hydrated for this one of a kind class! 

Rev Cycle

Rev Cycle is a boutique indoor cycling studio in the heart of Eagle Rock. Rev Cycle provides clients with a welcoming and friendly environment. Each class is designed for all fitness levels from beginners to elite athletes. The classes will challenge and motivate you but will make sure you have fun while doing it.

Be Spoke

Located at Figat7th, Be Spoke is a boutique indoor cycling studio with custom programs to help you sculpt, build endurance and tone for stronger you. A place where you can discover yourself and let your individuality ride high.  A place where you are in free to choose your path and push your limits. Get ready to explode with energy to the beat of heart-pounding playlists created by their motivational instructors in collaboration with local DJs, making an unforgettable experience. 

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