So, Why Stealth?

So, Why Stealth?


So, why Stealth?

Pretty good question, huh? But it is more than one question. 

First, why is it called Stealth? Lord knows it is not because I am quiet when I’m on it. From all the grunting and moaning I have made when using it one would think a herd of pigs had snuck into the room. Is it because it looks simple but it sneaks up on you like a Stealth fighter or just because it is shaped like one? I will let you answer the question for yourself.

The one thing I do know is that it works. The first time I saw it on Facebook I was impressed, so impressed in fact that I quickly moved on to another page. You see, I am an impulse buyer, the number of things that I have bought after seeing them on Facebook, and then either being extremely disappointed or never even receiving them is embarrassing. I was good for a couple of weeks; the problem is I could not get this thing off my mind.

Then, the perfect storm…my back goes out…again. I do know why my back goes out; bad posture coupled with week core. Sitting slouched on the couch for waaayyyy too many hours. After a couple of visits to the Chiropractor, I realized that even if there was a chance this thing would work then it was cheaper and more time-efficient than going to the doctor all the time.

So, why Stealth? Because it works. I got the Green because I’m not a small guy and I never like to buy something then wish I would have got a different feature or the dreaded “if only I would have got.” 

To wrap it up; I started at 15 seconds on the first try and I’m at four minutes per session after 18 days. My back has cleared up completely and my goal is to keep it that way. As a bonus, I now feel like getting off the couch. I have started working in the yard again as well as dusting off all of my other exercise equipment that my back would not allow me to use. I now actually have energy again, and my blood sugar loves it. I have gone from nearly 200 most days to 135 -150 on a regular basis.

I have found one thing bad about Stealth... I cannot stop talking about it. 

- Daniel Ford



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