Stealth Lean Core Week 10 – What I’ve Learned

Stealth Lean Core Week 10 – What I’ve Learned

Journey /jur-nee/ a passage or progress from one stage to another.

Wow! What an amazing 10 weeks it’s been on the Stealth Lean Core program. When Nate and I started this program, we were skeptical.  We thought it would be like all the other meal plans out there in the fitness world. Boring, Bland and Unfulfilling.  We were quickly surprised by many things. 

The first thing I noticed in the meal plan was all the new and different (to me) foods. Mashed cauliflower, spaghetti squash, morningstar breakfast patties, fish kabobs. With a little planning and preparation all of these meals were fixed quickly and easily. The longest thing for me to prepare was the spaghetti squash and mainly because I had never eaten it let alone cooked it. Once I figured it out it was super easy and is now a go to addition in my meals. Never an unfulfilling meal, in fact, there were times that we couldn’t finish what was on our plates because it was simply too much.


ENERGY! Loads of energy.  A number one complaint in our home and that I hear from so many others is low energy.  Working all day and then trying to get in a workout is a real struggle for a lot of people. Turns out when you’re fueling your body with the right foods your body can then produce more energy. By week 3 we felt we had adjusted completely to the new eating habits and had tons of energy.  After working all day, we were ready to tackle and looked forward to the Stealth HIIT workouts with Matt Morton.  

After the first month, I had literally lost inches all over my body.  For me the number on the scale didn’t change a whole lot but my clothes fit differently. My abdominal area and legs were toning, my posture had improved, and I felt super confident in my own body.  That’s a big win for me. 

There were days when we ate chocolate or had dinner and drinks with friends and then I felt super guilty the next day.  I posted something about it in the Stealth Nation Facebook group and Matt reached out to me.  He is an outstanding fitness coach and quickly explained to me why I shouldn’t feel guilty.  Nate and I were putting in the work.  We deserve to live a little every now and again. If we didn’t have those moments of enjoyment (in moderation) then what the heck is the point. Those words from Matt sunk in and changed my outlook during this fitness journey. I owe a huge debt to Matt, while scrolling through Facebook I randomly caught one of his videos and it has changed our lives!

The most AMAZING transformation was Nate and I got to watch it unfold right before my very own eyes. When he started with Stealth, he weighed 300 pounds by the time we were finished with the 10-week Stealth Lean Core Program he had dropped down to 239 pounds. A loss of 61 pounds!  He went from a size 44 waist pant to a size 38 waist pant. He used the Stealth every day for 3 minutes, did the Stealth HIIT workouts and on the off days he found other enjoyable activities. Some days we simply walked for 30 minutes other days we did silly routines of jumping jacks and lunges. He didn’t care what we did as long as we were moving our bodies. His posture improved and he now has a beam of confidence that radiates from him.


Our takeaway from the 10 weeks, pay attention to what you’re eating. Experiment with new foods you might be surprised at what you discover. Drink water and get a good night’s sleep. MOVE YOUR BODY! Stealth makes it so easy, a minute here and there 3 times a day. Distract yourself, play a game, and join a challenge. Start small with achievable goals. Food and exercise are fuel for your body and mind.  If you want results, put in the work.  It’s not just a fitness or diet journey; it’s a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to yourself and your health every single day. 


-Jennifer Suian

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