Stealth Plankster Hastens Recovery!

Stealth Plankster Hastens Recovery!

I was walking with a greater and greater limp owing to a wrecked knee.  This began to throw off my balance, a very dangerous condition to have when approaching retirement age.  Falls are one of the leading causes of injury for us older types!

In February of 2019 I had my left knee replaced.  We all know family and friends that have gone through the process, so we all have a baseline understanding of what the healing process entails, mostly.

What was a complete surprise to me was that as soon as therapy started, my low back went absolutely haywire.  At times since it was winter, I would lay in front of the fire with one or more cats keeping me company.  If I had to get up, for whatever reason, I would have to crawl across the floor to get to a chair or table to haul myself up.  It was miserable.

From my athletic days, long gone, and other bouts of physical therapy I knew that a strong core meant a strong back.  I began my search for aids that might help my recovery.  

Happily, I came across the Stealth Plankster.  I have done planks as part of my routine for decades, but not really delighted to incorporate them as often as I should as simply; PLANKS ARE BORING!

Now I must correct myself a bit; PLANKS WERE BORING! 

The Stealth Plankster, of which I now have two, were a transformational blessing to my recovery from the knee replacement.  My back and core were a little reluctant to participate in using the Stealth at first, but in a remarkably short period of time we were on track and getting better.  In one hundred days I lost two, count ‘em, TWO inches off my midsection!  My Doctor and Physical Therapists all remarked about how well my recovery went!

Thanks Stealth Plankster!


-Russ Ford

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