Stealth - So Cool Your Teenagers Will Want To Use It

Stealth - So Cool Your Teenagers Will Want To Use It

After becoming bored of a standard plank, I kept seeing advertisements for the Stealth Core Trainer.  I was intrigued.  Being Christmastime, the family asked what I wanted and that’s what I told them!  I know most people are leery about giving people exercise equipment as gifts but I was adamant.  I received the yellow unit before Covid-19 hit and was lucky enough to have it during quarantine.  

It took a little getting used to and being over 50, I was extremely careful at first.  I quickly got the hang of it (some games better than others lol) and began to add more time with practice.  I started off with 30 seconds at a time on my elbows, and now six months later, I can play the games for a few minutes on straight arm.  The straight arm works better for me, as it takes the pressure off my elbows and digs deeper into my core.

My lower back got stronger, my abs got stronger.  I got more confident and started to add it to my almost-daily routine.  I go for long walks (sounds like a cliche lol) as often as possible.  I began adding the stealth before my walks.  It gets the blood pumping and is a good primer for my cardio!  I’ll stay on as long as I can and then head out the door!

My best friend became interested in it after my purchased and borrowed it for a few days…. She ordered the orange before she even returned it to me!  Now she and her boyfriend also play!

My 17 year old son started virtual learning back in March and was getting very tired of literally sitting in the same seat for hours at a time.  He saw my slight physical changes and my not letting the quarantine get the best of me, and took it upon himself to start a workout routine.  I still had the app on my old phone (which I was using as an iPod), so he would grab it and started using the Stealth as well.  He has definitely surpassed me on time, but I think any 17 year old should be able to beat his mom on a workout (although I will toot my own horn and say, it’s not by much)  He’s lost a few inches in the mid-section now too!  

We took a family road trip and brought it with us!  We’ve decided that it will now be part of any road vacation from now on.  We don’t compete against each other but I bet that would be a fun way for families to spend some quality time!

I just turned 52 and feel and look better than I have in a really long time!  It sits in our living room and we’ll walk past it, stop and do a 30 second workout and go on to whatever’s next.  It’s a fun way to get your heart rate up and change up a boring routine!

-Renee Masterson 

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