Stealthing Senior

Stealthing Senior

I’m very lucky because I’ve always liked being physical. Despite being klutzy, I’ve participated in physical activities all my adult life and it’s what I did for fun as well as for stress relief. 

I’ve been an avid runner, skier, swimmer, etc., but, oddly, you’d never know. Annoyingly, I never really looked athletic. I even worked with a bodybuilder for a while, but I always had a pooch that wouldn’t go away and carried a couple extra pounds which I liked to blame on childbirth. I even ran a marathon but ended up gaining weight instead of losing.

Although I was inconsistent in what I did, I always did something active, but it got to the point where I kept getting injured, partly due to my klutziness but also due to age. What can I say, body parts can wear out. I had bilateral hip replacements a couple years ago. 

Before the pandemic, I danced a lot and climbed at my rock-climbing gym. Now, I consistently hike and do yoga videos, Tai Chi, and STEALTH.

I saw the ads for Stealth on Facebook and really liked the members and was intrigued by the thought of playing games while planking. It’s not that I actually thought I would have much change in my body as I’ve always kind of looked like this and my pooch has been with me forever. Since I’m heading into my 70th year, I figured I should be happy to just maintain. 

So, I was actually very surprised at my transformation. I immediately noticed improved posture (which will make a big difference when I start dancing again). My abs feel different, almost like I’m wearing a corset, and it’s hard to see my pooch now. My arms and shoulders are also getting more toned. My body shape is evolving as is my performance on Stealth. I now focus on proper form rather than my score. 

I was going to post about Stealthing daily for 100 days but on Day 96 my husband and I finally went on a short trip, so I lost my streak. (Limited luggage space on the motorcycle.) 

Now I have to start all over again to hit that 100-day number. I can stay motivated because there’s discernible improvement that I can see and feel, and I’m also very curious as to where I will be a year from now — you know, when I hit that big birthday.

-Patty Lee


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