Take The Plunge and Get Involved

Take The Plunge and Get Involved


Hello Stealth Nation,

After a very botched Umbilical hernia surgery, I was certain that getting abs back was never going to happen. I worked the core in every way I could think of from oblique twists with medicine balls, lying leg lifts with lateral movements to hanging window washers. Nothing was working! I remembered seeing something on social media about the Stealth trainer, so I figured why not; I hate planking by itself so why not make it more difficult with a wobbly disc? I didn’t hesitate I just ordered the yellow one.

At 47 years old, 6’-0”, 228 lbs. I was ready to take the plunge and become healthier and stronger. Within a few days my Stealth Trainer arrived, I downloaded the app, joined the Facebook Stealth Nation Family and dove in. I immediately fell in love with it! Then the most amazing thing happened. I posted about being new to the group and it was liked by hundreds of Stealth Nation users, words of welcoming, inspiration, kindness and support! Never has a group been so inviting and amazing to be a part of.  Needless to say, it had an immediate effect on me.

My normal shy self was eager to share and encourage others. I did not feel judged or body shamed when sharing a starting picture in fact it was the polar opposite! I won’t lie the beginning was rough, that 30-second plank seemed an eternity. I could feel the muscles that were unused screaming at me. Again, I went to the group to ask about my form and length of time. Once again, the outpouring support from the Stealth Nation with suggestions of videos and encouragement kept me focused.

I am now happy to share I do multiple sessions of 4 minutes per game. I am 196 lbs and I feel great with better mobility and energy. To top it off I have the beginnings of visible abs and have become part of what I consider the most encouraging and genuine group on social media: The Stealth Nation. My family will be joining the group soon as I have ordered them their very own Stealth Trainer!

To each and every one of you,

 You rock! 

-Keith Sinclair

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