The Investment That Helped Me Invest in Me Again

The Investment That Helped Me Invest in Me Again

I've always had a bit of anxiety and planking was a way to slow me down. Slow my brain, slow my roll, slow my thoughts. You could say it was and is my great equalizer. If I was about to have a stressful meeting, I plank. A tough candid conversion, plank. Trying a new skill set at work and feeling unsure... plank. For me, like millions of others, the pandemic changed me. I was and am very fortunate that I was able to work from home and the office based on what I do but life was just different. As I write this with my mask on (I'm at a park) it seems like a million years ago that I went to a restaurant, a movie, a party etc. So why am I starting my story with this? A few months into the pandemic and THOUSANDS of cookies and Zoom meetings later I felt myself hit the Covid wall. I felt very fortunate for the health of myself and my family, guilty for being fortunate, guilty about being guilty etc. I have a 3-year-old and her life changed dramatically also. While we were able to go hike or ride a bike around the block, I was still missing something. I guess my own thing. I saw an ad for this silly yellow machine that said it would work your abs while you got to play games. "GAME YOUR CORE" so I stopped and watched the ad. Then scrolled. Then went back to the ad then scrolled. As insomnia hit, I then Googled and YouTubed this silly machine. My husband said well it looks like it would be your thing so sure. Then the countdown began to get it. I opened the very intimidating package and thought where do I start? Did I make a mistake buying this? Uh oh will this collect dust and end up in the work out machine cemetery like **whispers** the others?

So, I got the courage and tried Galaxy adventure. Then I tried it again because it was amazing! I wanted more and didn't care that my arms felt like they might fall off and if I laughed OUCH my abs!

Next came the other anomaly with Stealth. The Facebook group Stealth Nation!! I joined and was accepted to the group " thanks again Stealth team for friending me," and I started scrolling through the page. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Nice, happy, encouraging, friendly, silly people. EVERYWHERE 

You're not sure where to start, post the question and at least 10 people will cheer you on and tell you about their favorite game or experience.  Passed a level (darn you Baseline level 7 through 20) and at least 10 people will tell you how proud they are of your accomplishment and why you rock! And the crazier thing is, they/ we all mean it. No politics, no arguing just genuine niceness. 

I posted about starting out and someone said take a before picture. Even if you never share it you will see your progress. I'm thankful for that person because I did. I never thought I would post my before picture of that woman who had hit the Covid wall and was exhausted, anxious, grateful and stressed to current day healthier, mentally, physically, and toned me with a noticeable difference. In a lot of ways my little yellow torture machine, and the Stealth community saved me. It was my own little place of Zen where 1 minute can sometimes feel like 15 and you're telling yourself just **fill in the blank** more seconds! One more level! One more day towards my streak! Maybe I won't fall over this time when Bubble blast tells me to lift my leg! And oh yeah... that's why I don't drive motorcycles because of the danger I am on Stealth MotorCore. 

I'm grateful to be part of this community and for investing in the premium package. This investment helped me to invest in me again. 

Keep on using that Stealth and if you find you’re in a rut, know the Stealth community has your back. 

-Miranda Arg-Roy

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