Trouble With Sit Ups And Crunches? Stealth To The Rescue!

Trouble With Sit Ups And Crunches? Stealth To The Rescue!


I bought the Stealth because, although I was exercising regularly, I could not seem to get my abs in shape. Stealth looked like it might help me more than the crunches I had been doing.  Most of my exercises had been push ups daily and working on my Total Gym, since they had closed down the gyms here. Since I am only 5 feet tall with short legs, sit-ups are difficult and crunches only seem to make my abs thicker.  Stealth was more difficult than I expected but was interesting because of the games.  I used the Galaxy game for about a month before getting the premium games.  Now I do some of each but my go to games are Galaxy and Bubble Blast.


As an older person (76) I was experiencing lower back pain every day. 

After the first month, I could tell quite a difference in the way my lower back felt.  I have some arthritis in the lumbar spine and this has really made a difference. After 67 days, my lower back pain is minimal and over very quickly when getting up in the morning.  My pelvis seems to have opened up as I now have a normal stride instead of the "old man's shuffle” I had been doing.  My posture has improved and I can tell the difference in most of my body.  I have not changed my diet but have lost about 3 pounds in 67 days.  Since I am a short person, that looks about the same as 10 pounds on someone else.  I can now put on one size (2 inches) lower in jeans, although they are still tight, but I am getting there. I am not working on long runs, just trying to be consistent with 2:30 to 3:00 minute sessions 4 to 5 times a day, usually first thing in the morning and during TV commercials.  This is working for me and I look forward to continuing to get good results. 


-Gordon Martin

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