What Can Happen When You Use Your Stealth For 1 Minute A Day?

What Can Happen When You Use Your Stealth For 1 Minute A Day?

This is me; July 1st, 2020 I am 43 years old.  I have conceived, carried and given birth to THREE children.  Thankfully they are all adults now (25,23,22) but when they were younger I felt like there was no time for me. I didn’t have the time 22 years ago to commit to 30 minutes in a gym.  Sometimes I barely had enough time to brush my teeth! At some point, I accepted that I would always have this belly fat. I’ve cried about it for years and then decided to just not look in the mirror at it.  If I don’t look at it then it isn’t there. Right?   

In case you’re wondering NO that is not right, not for me.

It quickly became something I was very self-conscious about but never did anything about.  I didn’t know how, or I couldn’t stick with anything. I typically eat pretty healthy; I don’t know what portion control is and I love chocolate.

Until Stealth came along

I’ve been using my Stealth for the last 2 months. Not consistently in May but every day in June sometimes only for a minute a day. The picture on the left is me June 1st the right is July 1st.  Do you see the difference? My husband says he sees a big total body difference (he seriously is the sweetest). The tape measure shows a difference. 

June 1st measurements 




July 1st measurements




For anyone who has doubts, Stealth IS a total body workout. On July 1st I started the Stealth Lean Core Program A 10-week program that has you using your stealth daily, walking and a meal plan to follow.  Wish me luck; I’ll need all of it to stay away from chocolate! 

Happy Stealthing 

Jennifer S.  

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