You’re As Young As You Feel!

You’re As Young As You Feel!

Cliché, I know.  Twelve years ago, I stopped working out mainly because I was lazy and used my social life as an excuse to avoid being physically active.  Lucky for me, I inherited great genes so gaining weight was not an issue – until about 3 years ago.  Everything went soft, the weight started to creep up and settled around the middle, and I noticed I was slouching more, had back pains, no energy, and my balance was off.  My clothes started to feel a little tighter but I learned to hide the extra weight and love handles.  I was in total denial that I needed to size up.  My ego refused to accept that. 

Last December, I turned 59 and I decided it was time to turn things around and look my best at 60.  Then COVID-19 came. My college boys came home; we decluttered the basement and turned it into a home gym.  Like many of you, I’m sure you’ve had all kinds of exercise machines that had been collecting dust.  Mine was a treadmill that I had used maybe 10 times over the last 2 years and plenty of exercise videotapes.  My boys had a weight and curl up bench from their high school years which they would use occasionally because both worked at a Health and Sports facility and they preferred to use the gym there.  The basement became our “me” place.  

Facebook must have known what I was thinking because my feed kept showing ads for the Stealth.  Intrigued, I ordered one.  While waiting for its arrival, I started using the treadmill.  I knew to look my best; I would have to incorporate cardio for weight loss and lightweights for toning.  The Stealth was to strengthen my core, improve my posture and maybe have abdominal definition again. The Stealth did not disappoint.  

Two months of using the Stealth consistently, this is the result.  The first three weeks, I did 3-5min on toes and knees once a day 5x/week and cardio 5x/week.  Now, I’m up to two sets of 5-7mins on toes and knees 5x/week. Best time so far on toes is 5 minutes.  I have lost inches and a noticeable improvement in my core and my posture.      

I don’t believe in diets.  I love all kinds of food.  Wine and martini are my weaknesses.  But I do I believe in moderation.  Life is to be enjoyed so, for me, no deprivation of things that will make me happy.  5 months to 60 on December 25 (yup, Christmas baby), and I intend to look as young as I feel physically to match my mental disposition.  After all, I am the boss of me!

Wishing everyone success in your journey to a better you!



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